Job interview practice

Do you have concerns that your interview skills aren't up to scratch? Do you need practice? itouch Professional Solutions are now able to offer our clients two unique services that will help you conquer that next interview.

  • Improve your interview skills
  • Build confidence
  • Learn how to overcome interview blocks
  • Help develop your answers
  • Improve competency based interview skills
  • Gain inside knowledge and secrets

Pre-Recorded Job Interview Practice Training

We will formulate a series of questions (normally 3-4 questions, circa 5 minutes) and then send a link, which will then record your responses to those questions. It's easy to use, but our questions can be extremely challenging (exactly what you need). Once you have completed the interview, we'll review and provide you with descriptive feedback to improve your answers. We will also provide you with further tips to maximise the depth of your answers.

Pricing $100.00

Live Practice Training Job Interview - Skype

Through a live link up, we will conduct a series of interview questions, both direct and competency based. We will use your resume to question your background and will also ask several challenging questions. We will then provide detailed discussions around exactly what areas needed to be improved, coupled with tips for future interviews, ensuring you get the most out of your interview.

Pricing $140 per hour

All interviews are prepared and conducted by leading Recruitment and HR experts.

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