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Author: Roland Coombes

Roland Coombes is a veteran recruitment consultant, highly accomplished careers expert, and master resume writer with over 25 years of industry experience.

How to Supercharge Your Resume: 10 Power Play Tactics to Land Your Dream Job

In today’s competitive job market, a bland resume gets relegated to the “maybe” pile faster than a lukewarm cup of coffee. To land your dream job, you need a document that crackles with electricity, a manifesto of your achievements that screams, “Hire me!” That’s where resume supercharging comes in.

This article is your blueprint for how you need to transform your resume from a snooze-fest to a career catapults: These power plays packed with actionable insights and industry-savvy strategies are typical to the strategies the best resume writers will use to get you noticed, read, and remembered. Buckle up, job seekers, because we’re about to launch you into the land of interview invites!

1. How to Mastering the Art of Crafting Impactful Objective Statements

Alright, let’s jazz up this objective statement. Crafting a killer objective statement is like preparing the opening act of a rock concert – it’s your chance to grab the spotlight and make the crowd (or, in this case, the hiring manager) go wild. My suggestion is to forget the boring declarations; think of it as a love letter to your dream job.

So, before you dive in, you need to channel your inner detective. Think about what makes you tick? What skills and experiences make you a one-of-a-kind professional? Be Sherlock Holmes, not Watson. Now, instead of serving up a generic plea for professional growth, spice it up! You need to share exactly how your superhero skills make you the perfect match for the job. We need the reader to say, “This person is exactly what we need!”

Remember, this isn’t just paperwork; it’s the opening chapter of the epic novel that is your resume. So let’s get them hooked, make them curious, and set the stage for the resume masterpiece that follows.

2. Professional Summaries: Your Gateway to Success

Let’s not bore anyone with a chronological drone-fest of your past roles. Your professional summary is the red carpet moment – it’s where you showcase your Oscar-worthy achievements. So, ditch the modesty; this is your time to shine like a supernova. Particularly, for both job ads and the hidden job market.

Don’t just mention your projects; turn them into success stories with real-life examples. Quantify your victories with numbers – it’s like adding special effects to your resume. Instead of saying you managed social media accounts, boast about how you cranked up website traffic by 20% with your genius social media campaigns. Or, rather than you won several accounts, talk about how those accounts contributed to over $300,000 in new sales.

Craft a summary that’s not a snooze-fest but a blockbuster trailer of your professional journey. Make it so captivating that hiring managers can’t help but scream, “I want this person on my team!”

3. Tailoring Your Resume Like a Bespoke Suit

Imagine your resume as a bespoke suit, not an off-the-rack disaster. Stop sending out clones and start customizing your resume or linkedin resume profile for each job like a pro. Yes, it takes time. But it will bring results. It’s not just about tweaking; it’s about tailoring a masterpiece that screams, “I was made for this job!”

Don’t be lazy; study each job requirement to identify what elements of your experience will be relevant and that you need to showcase. Show genuine interest, be the Sherlock of job applications. Your resume should be a bespoke representation of your awesomeness, not a mass-produced disaster.

This isn’t just a paper; it’s your runway. Strut your stuff with a resume that’s custom-fit, not off-the-rack. Your dream job deserves a one-of-a-kind suit, not a hand-me-down.

4. Keywords Unleashed: Boosting Your Resume with Industry Related Key Words Relevance

Keywords aren’t just for the bots; they’re the secret language that makes you the Mozart of resumes. Consider your resume a symphony – and the keywords are your notes. This isn’t just about passing the robot scan; it’s about speaking the industry lingo fluently.

Your resume is a conversation starter, and the keywords are the smooth talk that impresses hiring managers. Beyond the tech stuff, they tell the world you’re not just a job hunter; you’re a professional who speaks the industry’s language.

Incorporate keywords strategically; it’s not a checklist, it’s your secret sauce. Your resume isn’t just searchable; it’s a masterpiece that speaks volumes without saying a word. Take a bow, maestro!

This nuanced approach to incorporating keywords goes beyond the mere fulfillment of a checklist; it becomes a strategic layer that adds a professional sheen to your resume. As recruitment agencies and hiring managers glance through your document, they not only see a qualified candidate but also someone who effortlessly blends into the industry’s discourse – a subtle yet powerful advantage in a competitive job market.

5. Turn Your Resume into a Blockbuster Script!

Enough with the resume snoozefest! Take it from a boring documentary to an exciting suspense thriller. Avoid focusing on your job responsibilities and shift to the superhero accomplishments. It is not only a language change but a complete renovation that redefines your resume from simple to outstanding.

See your resume as a storybook with each job being a captivating chapter. Don’t just draw up a list of your responsibilities; tell the epic tale about how you made an actual difference. Measure your wins.

Your resume is not a reference manual; it is an exciting novel that leaves them craving for more. Even for a school leaver resume, make your story grand, create a resume unputdownable.

Consider your resume as a book of stories where each role is its chapter that tells you about the accomplishments, which help shape the storyline of your professional life. By emphasising the results rather than what one did to get there, you look at your resume as a page-turner that makes them want more.

7. Beyond the Buzzwords:

Skills aren’t just for show; they’re your resume’s power moves. Skip the clichés and transform your skills section into a strategic chessboard. Think LinkedIn Writing audiences. It’s not just about having the right skills; it’s about flaunting them with finesse.

Ditch the laundry list; describe each skill like you’re revealing a magic trick. Show how your unique skills aren’t just for display; they’re the secret weapons that align with the company’s goals.

Your resume isn’t a checklist; it’s a strategic document that screams, “I’m not just qualified; I’m the missing piece of your puzzle!”

8. The Hidden Gems: Unearthing Transferable Skills

Forget just sticking to your lane; explore the hidden treasures beyond. Volunteer work, hobbies, side hustles – they’re not just extra lines; they’re your secret weapons. These transferable skills are your golden tickets to being a well-rounded pro.

Don’t just list them; showcase how these hidden gems make you a versatile powerhouse. Employers want more than a one-trick pony; they want a dynamic all-star.

Your resume isn’t a one-genre movie; it’s a blockbuster with twists and turns. Unearth those hidden gems, and let your resume shine as a dynamic testament to your versatility!

9. Building Resumes That ATS Systems Love

In a world ruled by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), your resume is more than a document; it’s a ninja navigating a tech labyrinth. It’s not just about content; it’s about mastering the art of formatting and layout.

Think of it like designing a video game character – choose the right armour (headings), weapons (keywords), and skills (layout) to conquer the digital battlefield. Your resume isn’t just visible; it’s the hero that emerges victorious from the ATS showdown.

This isn’t a tech manual; it’s your guide to turning your resume into a tech-savvy.

10. Emphasising Soft Skills: Your Secret Sauce for Professional Harmony!

Your resume is not simply a list of qualifications; it’s an image that reflects the one and only professional you are. There is more to soft skills than just buzzwords; they are the bright colours that make up your professional portrait. So, let them shine. Displaying your skills in communication, cooperation, flexibility, sorting things out and knowing peoples’ emotions doesn’t just tick the boxes; it brings ‘you’, you as an individual to your CV.

Treat your soft skills as the human element that transforms cliché resume into a work of art. Your resume isn’t simply a job application – it is your biography in the language of skills.

Leave this shift in perspective to them: show the real personality – a seasoned professional that can combine hard skills with an astounding multitude of soft ones, making you irreplaceable for any team.

Final thoughts…

Crafting a powerful resume is not a mere formality; it’s an art. 

Your objective statement sets the stage, your professional summary becomes a blockbuster premiere, and your tailored resume is a bespoke suit that fits each job application perfectly. Keywords add the right notes, action verbs turn your achievements into a blockbuster script, and the focus on outcomes transforms your resume into a page-turner.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I bother with an objective statement? Isn't it just a formality?

Think of your objective statement as the opening act of a captivating story – it sets the stage for the resume masterpiece that follows. It's not just a formality; it's your chance to create resonance between your aspirations and the company's objectives.

How do I stand out in the sea of resumes with a professional summary?

Ditch the standard summaries; turn yours into a blockbuster premiere! Share real-life examples of your achievements, quantify your successes, and make your professional journey a thrilling narrative that captivates hiring managers.

What's the big deal about tailoring my resume? Can't I use a one-size-fits-all approach?

 Imagine your resume as a bespoke suit, not an off-the-rack disaster. Tailoring goes beyond tweaking; it's about creating a custom-fit attire for each job application, showcasing your qualifications as a bespoke representation of your unique skill set.

Why should I care about industry-specific keywords?

Keywords are your resume's secret language – they don't just improve searchability; they position you as someone fluent in the industry's discourse. It's about making your resume a conversation starter that speaks the language of the field fluently.

Do action verbs really make a difference in my resume?

Absolutely! Action verbs turn your achievements from mundane to extraordinary. Choose dynamic words that sizzle with energy and impact, transforming your resume from a static document into a narrative of achievements that grabs attention.

Can I just list my responsibilities, or should I focus on achievements?

Shift from responsibilities to achievements – it's a transformation that elevates your resume. Instead of listing duties, delve into the narrative of how you made a tangible impact. Quantify your results and turn your resume into a page-turner of success stories.

How do I strategically incorporate skills into my resume?

Skills are your resume's power moves. Go beyond a checklist; strategically highlight each skill's contribution to the organisation's goals. It's not just about having the right skills; it's about showcasing how they align with the company's vision and objectives.

Why highlight transferable skills? Aren't industry-specific skills more important?

Transferable skills are the hidden gems that set you apart. Acknowledge their value gained from volunteer work, hobbies, or side hustles. Your resume becomes a dynamic document showcasing adaptability, versatility, and a well-rounded professional.

Why should I care about ATS systems when building my resume?

In the contemporary job landscape, understanding ATS is a strategic necessity. Optimise your resume's structure for the tech maze – appropriate headings, strategic keywords, and a format that navigates ATS complexities turn your resume into a tech-savvy tool that stands out.

Are soft skills really that important in a professional resume?

Absolutely! Soft skills are your secret sauce. Beyond hard skills, they showcase your ability to communicate, collaborate, adapt, prioritise, and understand emotions. Your resume isn't just a skills menu; it's a canvas where your soft skills paint a masterpiece, making you unforgettable to employers.