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I’ve spent nearly two decades helping professionals reach their career goals, and as a professional resume writer, I benefit from gaining a unique insight into how careers evolve. One of the more fascinating sectors I work in is sports; and learning how aspiring sports professionals maintain their passion for their sport, whilst they also deviate into commerce. Why the deviation? Well, although sports is a full time commitment in itself, after several years as say a Golfer or Basketball Player, you may find the money doing what you love so much, just doesn’t fund the lifestyle. And therefore, it’s wise to consider using your influence to create networks and commercial tie in’s.


The first example:

John (name changed) was a Professional Surfer who ranked in the Top 40 world in the ASP World Qualifying Tour in Australia. Although John was well known in the circuit, he didn’t have enough brand or market presence to create his own label and make some serious money.

So John approached a well-known lifestyle clothing brand in the UK, with the goal of launching their brand as a “Concept Store” in his own country of Australia. He could then endorse products to a local market where he was better known, and use that as a platform for some great PR and commercial activity. In just 12 months, a single store became a chain of stores selling surfing equipment, skateboarding supplies, clothing and other street-based products. What’s more, John was able to use his influence to bring other sports personalities into the store and launch their own products.

John was officially titled Regional Director Asia Pacific for the said brand. Within 3 years, he was making serious money and has since been able to use become an influential member on various committees and the local chamber of commerce. Did I mention that although he no longer drives his back backer VW Beetle, and has a significant amount of wealth, he uses much of his funds to open surf training schools across the South of Australia.


The second example:

Tony (name changed) is an aspiring golfer (and a winner of many pro-am awards and PGA regional professional) who gave up many hours in his early years to tutor others and help fund his career. Whilst tutoring, he met up with the Director of a well-known country club, and convinced him to investment more money into the clubs 18-hole golf course (previously the country club focused more on health and spa activities. Within 2 years, the club was running the interprovincial PGA Pro-Am U19 and the U23 Regional Championship. Such as been the success of the golf-course, the Country Club in question is now listed in “the spots to visit” by an international golfing title, and much of the revenues received now centre around golfing operation i.e. a shift in the original business model of health and beauty.

He didn’t stop there. Tony pushed for new sponsors and networked with local sports bodies and committees. Four years later, and Tony is a Director of Golfing operations, he sits on the country PGA committee, and is a well-known personality in the circuit.


So what makes these two personalities successful on and off the field?


Seizing the moment. When you have an idea, you need to grab it by the horns, get others involved, sell the concept and don’t procrastinate on your idea. In fact, the world is full of creative people who have fantastic ideas, but only a few really seize the moment. And in the commercial world of sports, you need to act fast, especially when there’s money involved.


So, what should you do if you have a break through idea?

Firstly, don’t go rushing off to find a new business partner without thinking the plan through first. It’s great to act on impulse, but there’s nothing worse than being unprepared. You’ll need to get that thinking cap on and create a plan.

Set the vision you have for your idea. Why are you so passionate about it? What makes your idea stand out from all the test? And more importantly, what is your point of difference? What will make someone want to invest in your business idea.

Next, you need to make sure your business plan is robust and thought through. Ever watch the “Dragons Den” on YouTube? This is a great way to see firsthand how easy It can be to be ripped apart if you don’t have the right plan.

Be passionate, believe in yourself and be focused on the win. Just as you would in sports, you need to apply that exact same methodology. Get the adrenalin working for you, and don’t be scared to seek help from others.


Sports is one of the greatest industries on the plant, and with that comes great opportunities. The two cases studies used have been focused on commercial gain, and have been offered as an insight. Of course, there are many avenues open to each of us in how we can make a difference in the area we love the most.


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