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What are the Best online job boards in Australia for 2024?

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Author: Roland Coombes

Roland Coombes is a veteran recruitment consultant, highly accomplished careers expert, and master resume writer with over 25 years of industry experience.

What are the Best online job boards in Australia for 2024?

The top 10 online job boards in Australia are Seek, LinkedIn, Adzuna, Indeed, CareerOne, Jora, Gumtree Jobs, JobSearch, SimplyHired, and Ethical Jobs.


The Australian job market is diverse and bustling with opportunities in various industries, making it an exciting place for job seekers. Interestingly, compared to the UK and America, I find that the Australian online job market is that be bit easier to navigate. This is predominantly because job boards such as Seek have such a high dominant market presence.

So here’s a full Top 10 list on hwat has made it to our Best online job boards in Australia for 2024.

Seek (

Seek is the undisputed leader among job boards in Australia. It boasts an extensive collection of job listings spanning across numerous industries, including IT, healthcare, engineering, and hospitality. Not only does Seek simplify your job search, but I like that it also offers a range of tools to help the job seeker stand out, such as the ability to create a personalised profile, upload your CV, and set up job alerts. Additionally, Seek provides a wealth of resources, including free salary surveys and career advice, to assist you in your job-seeking journey.  Quick tip – I would recommend that make sure your resume is up-to-date and that any position titles you use on the CV reflect the jobs you are applying for.


Seek Australia Online Job Board

LinkedIn (

LinkedIn isn’t just a professional network; it’s a valuable job board too, and one I prefer due to the quality of applicants. With its vast user base and a focus on connecting professionals, LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for job seekers and employers. Job postings on LinkedIn often come with valuable insights into the companies, making it easier to find a job that fits your career goals. Beyond job listings, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for building a professional online presence, expanding your network, and accessing thought leadership content within your industry.


LinkedIn Job Board Australia

Adzuna (

Adzuna is another go-to job board in Australia, offering a wide range of job listings gathered from various sources, making it a one-stop destination for job seekers. Over the years, I have seen Adzuna continue to reinvent itself. It goes the extra mile by providing salary information and insights into companies, simplifying your job hunt. Adzuna’s user-friendly interface also includes a feature that estimates your CV’s market value, helping you understand your worth in the job market.

Adzuna Online Job Board

Indeed (

Indeed is a global job search engine, and its Australian site features an extensive array of job listings. I find recruiters used Indeed as a low-cost alternative to Seek. It aggregates job postings from multiple sources, including company websites and other job boards. The user-friendly interface lets you filter job searches by location, salary, and job type. One notable feature of Indeed is its company reviews section, where employees and former employees share insights and feedback about their workplaces. This can be a valuable resource for job seekers looking to understand a potential employer’s culture

Indeed Online Job Board

CareerOne (

CareerOne is a popular job board in that covers a wide spectrum of job listings across different industries. For many years, it was a competitor see Seek, but has lost significant ground. It provides tools for job seekers to create profiles and upload CVs, making it easier for employers to spot potential candidates. They have a tool that uses basic AI “Resunate” which analyses your CV and provides feedback on how to improve it for better job matches. However, I find that the tool is very basic in terms of real world market results.

CareerOne Online Job Board Australia

Jora (

Jora is an Australian job search engine that simplifies the job search process by aggregating job listings from various sources. It caters to a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, and IT. Jora’s user-friendly interface includes filters to help you refine your search. Another feature that sets Jora apart is its mobile app, which allows you to search and apply for jobs on the go. This can be especially convenient for those who prefer mobile job hunting.

Jora Job Board Australia

Gumtree Jobs (

Gumtree, known for classifieds, also has a section dedicated to job listings. This platform is perfect for those interested in opportunities with small businesses and local enterprises. You can find a variety of roles, from part-time work to freelance gigs. Gumtree Jobs may be particularly appealing if you’re looking for unique and local job opportunities that may not be widely advertised on other job boards. I often point people here if they are looking for casual work.

Gumtree Jobs online job board

SimplyHired (

SimplyHired is another excellent job board that aggregates job listings from various sources, providing a wide range of opportunities across industries. The platform’s user-friendly interface and search filters make it easy to find the right job for your skill set. In addition to job listings, SimplyHired provides a wealth of career advice articles and tools to assist you in your job search journey. Their “Salary Estimator” is particularly useful for understanding the expected salary ranges for different positions.

Simply Hired Job Board

Ethical Jobs (


Ethical Jobs is a unique job board that focuses on opportunities within the not-for-profit and ethical sectors. If you’re passionate about making a positive impact through your work, this platform is an excellent resource. Ethical Jobs features listings for roles in charities, social enterprises, environmental organizations, and more. It’s the go-to place for job seekers interested in careers with a strong social or environmental purpose.

Ethical Jobs Online Job Board

Top 10 Tips for Job Seekers using Job Boards


While these job boards are your go-to places, here are some friendly tips to make your job search experience in Australia more effective:


  1. Customise Your Resume/CV for the Platform

Ensure that your CV is tailored for each platform such as the preview formats and the headers being used. A number of these job boards use basic ATS algorithms so make sure your CVs keyworded.


  1. Set Up Job Alerts:

Most job boards, including Seek, LinkedIn, and Indeed, offer job alert features. Use these to receive notifications when new job listings matching your criteria are posted. It’s a great way to stay up-to-date and save time.


  1. Network on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn isn’t just a job board; it’s a powerful networking platform. Connect with professionals in your field, join relevant groups, and follow companies you’re interested in. Networking can open doors to hidden job opportunities.


  1. Research Companies:

Before applying for a job, research the company and its culture. This can help you determine if the organisation aligns with your values and career goals. Plus, it provides valuable information for interviews. Use this information to update your Cover Letter. I find nothing worse than opening a bland cover letter with no thought in content.


  1. Be Persistent:

Job hunting can be competitive and might take some time. Don’t be disheartened by rejections or slow responses. Keep refining your approach, seek feedback, and continue applying to positions that match your skills and interests.


  1. Explore Multiple Job Boards:

While the job boards mentioned here are fantastic, it’s a good idea to check out several platforms to increase your chances of finding the right job. Each job board may have unique listings and features.


  1. Stay Informed:

Keep an eye on industry trends, job market reports, and changes in labour laws. Staying informed can help you make well-informed career decisions and be more competitive in your job search.


  1. Prepare for Interviews:

Once you secure interviews, preparation is key.  Be prepared for ad hoc phone calls and 10-15 mintute screening.


  1. Skill Enhancement:

Consider upgrading your skills or gaining new qualifications that are in demand in the Australian job market. Websites like Coursera and LinkedIn Learning offer a wide range of online courses to enhance your skills.


  1. Identiffy Recruitment Agencies through Online Job Boards:

Many of these job boards offer links recruitment agencies and can help you narrow down which recruiter works in which industry type.


These job boards offer a treasure trove of opportunities in various industries and sectors. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, these top job boards can help you find the job that matches your skills and aspirations.

The job search process can be competitive, but with the right strategies, an extensive job board network, and utilising the provided tips, you’ll be well on your way to securing your dream job.