Resume Writing – recruitment agency wrongs

Resume Writing – Things that job seekers do with their resume that can really annoy recruiters:

Submit multiple applications across multiple job types to the same recruiters and their colleagues. Recruiters talk to each other, and serial job seeker who sends their resume out in volumes is easily identified and readily rejected.

Resume locked – unbelievably, some applicants still send their resume “protected” and needing a password. These often go straight to the “trash can”. Also, sending resumes in .pdf isn’t always the best idea.

Don’t list a phone number on their resume – yes, when it comes to resume writing, it’s amazing how many job applicants put in the effort to resume writing yet forget the very basics.

Resume writing in Comic Sans – how can a recruiter take a resume seriously when it’s been written in a kid’s font.

Send an application without a resume and ask the recruiter to “contact me”. Really!
Include a picture of themselves which should be on Facebook – not everyone shares the same humour, and your resume is not the place for anything but professional pictures.

Not listen to the recruiter and continue to provide a resume that doesn’t suit an intended market.

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